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Three Weddings. Towards the end of June there will be a bring and share meal and a chance to learn about weddings in three different traditions.

Watch this space

Oxford Friendship Walk

An annual Friendship walk starting from the Synagogue, Richmond Road, walking via the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, and ending at the Central Mosque in Manzil Way.

The next Friendship Walk will be on Thursday 27 June, 2019.

The Walk starts at the Jewish centre (the synagogue) in Richmond Road OX1 2JL at 6.15 pm.

We walk via St Giles churchyard and then via Radcliffe Square (the University Church of St Mary the Virgin), and finish at the Central Mosque in Manzil Way.

It’s useful if everyone arrives at the synagogue a little before the start. There will be refreshments in Radcliffe Square and also after the end of the Walk, outside the Mosque.

Talk to Father Peter if you need help with transport


Who are the Humanists? What are their beliefs? How are they different, and similar, to an Atheist, a Secularist and other non-faith groups? These and other questions formed part of the illuminating and interesting talk by Humanist celebrant Hannah Hart of the Gloucestershire Humanists. It was a lively session with lots of interaction between our members and Hannah! She handled a range of questions and comments from the audience with great skill and empathy.

An evening well spent at the Hester’s Way Community Centre.

How Humanist are you? Take the quiz.