Peace Together Walk


To celebrate the UN “International Day of Peace” ( )
CIF held a “Peace Together Walk” through Cheltenham town centre, starting at Winston Churchill Memorial Gardens (gather from 9.45am) and ending at 2pm at Pittville Pump Room for a Peace Walk Together celebration.

Just a note to say we had a powerful and lovely day today. It was wonderful to have members of the Hindu community with us and the beginning of an annual event feels very much in the making .
Here are some words inspired from today. 

Spirit of Peace 
Here I am today                                                     Humbled before the Spirit of Peace.
Here I breathe today                                           Hopeful inside a Spirit of Peace.
Here I cry today                                                    Tears for need of a Spirit of Peace 
Here I smile today                                               To excite a Spirit of Peace.

Spirit of Peace
Bless our planet in its strangeness and glory
Spirit of Peace  
Bless our journey as a simple story 
Spirit of Peace 
Within and beyond me
Spirit of Peace  
Give us all the eyes to see 
Exactly how a Spirit of Peace could be. 
Many blessings in Peace 

Here is a link to the radio interview Mark gave about the walk

Listen from 1 Hour 17 minutes in.