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Gloucester Pride

Cheltenham Inter Faith were proud to participate in the first ever “Multi Faith tent” at a Pride festival event in Gloucester. Presenting an inclusive welcome to the lively crowds of visitors at the festival in Gloucester Park on Saturday Sep 14th were representatives from a range of churches and faith groups including five members of our own CIF committee. The annual festival is organised by Pride Gloucestershire whose aim is to encourage a “celebration of LGBTQ+ life in Gloucestershire”.
You will also note in the photos below our new large banner – helping Cheltenham Inter Faith promote its presence in encouraging encounters, understanding and friendships amongst people of all faiths and diversity.

New banner

Visitors enjoying the craft corner


Who are the Humanists? What are their beliefs? How are they different, and similar, to an Atheist, a Secularist and other non-faith groups? These and other questions formed part of the illuminating and interesting talk by Humanist celebrant Hannah Hart of the Gloucestershire Humanists. It was a lively session with lots of interaction between our members and Hannah! She handled a range of questions and comments from the audience with great skill and empathy.

An evening well spent at the Hester’s Way Community Centre.

How Humanist are you? Take the quiz.